Thai Deep Tissue Massage

Thai Deep Tissue Massage uses pressure points to aid healing whilst relaxing at the same time. Customers can take off their top clothes (leaving underwear on), lie face-down and are then covered with a towel. This type of massage uses a warm oil to help stimulate the circulation of blood. Treatment is started from the feet to the head, left side to the right, and then lower back, upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and finally the head. During each step our special techniques focus on each specific area and are emphasized by the use of the masseuse's body weight as per the customer's requirement, with most customers preferring strong and heavy pressure during this treatment. Stressed muscles usually block the movement of oxygen and nutrients inside the body - Thai Deep Tissue Massage helps to remove toxins like lactic acid, cellular wastes and blockages.

Benefits of this type of massage:

  • Relief of muscular tension due to physical or emotional causes
  • Relief of back pain, headaches or migraines
  • Reduction of insomnia
  • Relief of stress and pressure
  • Relief of neck pain
  • Relief of shoulder pain
  • Relief of upper and lower back pain
  • Relief of leg or knee pain
  • Relief of cramping

After the massage has finished you should drink a lot of water to clear the toxins in the body. Some pain or aches within a few days of treatment is normal and to be expected. Following this you will start to feel much better and the problem will gradually improve, with the body returning to normal.