Cosmetic tattooing is an advanced technique using colour pigment drawn onto the skin giving you natural looking eyebrow like stokes,eyebrow draw,eyeliner and Lips, so cosmetic tattooing will give you the confidence to look your best all the time! 


Ah! So who really benefits from cosmetic tattooing?

Women, as well as Men.
People who want to look their best all the time.
Busy people with little time to apply make-up.
People who have no idea how to apply make up.
People who need a colour corrected.
People who need to have a shape corrected.
People undergoing chemotherapy and losing their eyebrows.
Anyone who desires freedom from the inconvenience of applying make up daily.
People with poor eyesight and people who have problems with their eyes.
People with unsteady hands.
People who have thinning or no brows.
People with allergies to conventional make up.
People who are physically incapable of applying make up.
Sports people , it eliminates make up running and sweat smudges.
People with oily skin, their make up always disappear.
Men and women who seek correction of asymmetrical facial features.
People with harelip, uneven lips, thin, pale , poorly defined, these people are transformed.